Born in Athens, 1953. 

Studied materials sciences in Montpellier and Paris, worked as researcher in France. 

From 1986 to 2005 worked in Brussels and followed arts studies in the Brussels’ school of Fine Arts from 1994 to 1999 (atelier Toma Roata). 

From 2005 to 2010 he was living in Beijing. Then he moved to Cairo for two years. He is now living between Brussels and Paros (Greece).

Personal exhibitions

1998 Espace periple, Brussels

1999 Galerie Synthese, Brussels

2002 Galerie Boycott, Brussels

2002 Espace periple, Brussels

2005 Apothiki gallery, Paros

2005 Astrolavos gallery, Athens

2005 Espace periple, Brussels

2007 Today Art Museum, Beijing

2008 Astrolavos gallery, Athens

2010 Yishu8 gallery, Beijing

2010 EU pavilion, World Expo of Shanghai

2010 Stir gallery, Shanghai

2011 Mashrabia gallery, Cairo

2013 Chapelle de l’Observance, Draguignan

2014 EU Council (Library), Brussels

2014 Begramoff gallery, Brussels

2015 Espace periple, Brussels

2016 Begramoff gallery, Brussels

2018 Hellenic American Center, Athens

2019 Galerie Didier Devillez, Brussels 

He participated in many group exhibitions in Athens, Paris, Brussels, Beijing, Shanghai, Cairo.

My artistic career starts in 1974 in Paris. I enter into a gallery where the works of Henri Michaux are exposed. I am amazed at all the exposed papers with black spots and all these figures that appear, walking, dancing, interlacing. I go out and buy Chinese ink, paper and pens. I draw lines, curves, and points. A new challenge will start for me.